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Preparation & Mounting Information

After inspection Gamet's bearings are treated with a corrosion preventative oil, (except pre-greased bearings). Initial packaging is heavy gauge PVC bags, which are heat sealed, and boxed. Bearings can be stored for long periods providing packaging is not damaged and the storage area is dry and not subject to extremes of temperature.

Mounting should be undertaken in clean, dry, dust free conditions away from metal working or other operations producing swarf or dust.
It is recommended that drawings and instructions are studied to determine the correct order of assembly. All necessary parts, tools and equipment should be available before commencing.

Each component of the spindle arrangement (housing, shaft etc.) must be carefully cleaned and checked for burrs. Dimensional and form accuracy of all components in contact with the bearings should be checked as optimum bearing performance can only be achieved if the prescribed tolerances are adhered to.

Bearings should remain in the original packaging for as long as possible prior to fitting to prevent the risk of contamination.

Whenever possible, bearings should be mounted onto the shaft in vertical position. It is very important that the correct method of mounting is chosen and that suitable equipment is used.

The inner races (cones) of the bearings must be pre-heated to expand sufficiently to assist mounting on shaft. Never attempt to fit cold as the amount of interference between cones and shaft will prevent sliding and any direct blows will cause damage to rolling elements and raceways. Heating can be achieved using induction heaters, ideal for grease lubricated bearings, or oil baths suitable for oil lubricated bearings. Under no circumstances should a pre-greased bearing be heated by submersing in oil as contamination of grease will occur. The temperature required to sufficiently expand cones to allow reasonable mounting time varies depending upon size and section, but 70ºC will suffice for the majority of applications. Care must be taken when locking bearings to ensure all rolling elements are seated properly, this is achieved by rotating at periodic intervals during locking. For specific advice contact Gamet Bearings.