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Plain Cup (G Type)

Technical Data

Double row bearings offer nearly twice the capacity of the equivalent single row bearing, and are therefore used in more heavily loaded applications.

The plain outer race enables this bearing to be used in a 'floating' position to permit thermal expansion. As such it can replace a P type bearing when additional load capacity is required.

G type bearings can be preadjusted to give GE double row bearings. This is achieved by fitting a spacer between the inner races to give the required assembly end play or preload. The choice of setting is based upon a number of parameters such as speed, lubrication and applied loads. Spacer width is adjusted individually prior to despatch.

For further advise contact Gamet Bearings.

Important note: For double row bearings the bore of the rearcone (marked 'B' track) is 0,002 to 0,004 mm larger than the 'A' track cone bore. This reduces the level of tight fit to facilitate adjustment of the bearing.